From the 17. of July the two artists Lukas Engelhardt (Ger) and Robert Leveroos (Can) are visiting the Martin-Kausche Ateliers for two weeks to work on a new chapter for their project „Woven“ which will end with a public presentation. Essentially the two of them can be seen as story-collectors. They travel from spot to spot, to fascinating places to listen to its stories and visually translate them for the sake of a greater collection. A collection that grows with every place it has visited.

Now they are getting in touch with the people in Worpswede. Even before arrival, they have been in contact with several small clubs and associations. On their last weekend the project will be presented and performed for the public. The visitors of these 30-45 minute long sessions will experience how their stories flow into this world of small scenarios and detailed images, all to become part of a single entity.