18/9 —16/10 2016
- There are also holes in the sky

This photo exhibition comes out of the summer workshops at the Künstlerhäusern Worpswede, during which a temporary group forum was built by the architecture Constructlab with an international group of helpers. The Berlin-based photographer Simone Gilges has produced a series of intimate and personal pictures that capture fleeting moments and details of the production of the wooden structure, going beyond mere documentation. This exhibition is part of the 2016 RAW Photofestival in Worspwede, and also serves as the official opening of the Künstlerhäuser’s new forum.

SIMONE GILGES is a photographer living in Berlin. Her work encompasses portraits of her acquaintances and photographs from her frequent travels. Since 1995, she has been a member of the art collective Honey-Suckle Company, with which she works on multimedia installations, photo shoots, and films. Her images have appeared on record covers, in music videos, in the books Dakar/Berlin (a collaboration with Mamadou Gomis) and spiritus (with the Honey-Suckle Company), and in numerous international exhibitions. Simone also organizes many other autonomous projects, such as freier – Magazine for the Mental State and the associated Verlag Neue Dokumente, which began in 2003.