1/5 —31/5 2016

Many of Sarah Biggs’ paintings, who hails from Cape Town in South Africa, depict individual bodies in the landscape. These bodies reach spatial proportions and seem to use their surrounding as a way to measure themselves against it. Sarah Biggs is in fact interested in the practice of land surveyors and scientists and their objective approach to the landscape. In that sense, her figures appear as anonymous observers of their environment; they have been stripped of their subjectivity and only reveal very little of their individuality to the viewer. Conceptually and formally this tension continues throughout Sarah Biggs work: abstraction and figuration are in balance here. First, Sarah uses a brush to work off a sketch and then starts to apply many transparent layers of paint on top. Certain parts of the painting gradually lose their meaning in the process. While the features of a man’s face are shown in great detail, the back of his head can hardly be distinguished from his background.

Twenty-four year old Sarah Biggs is a graduate of the Michaelis School of Fine Art and has been awarded the Turbine Art Fair & Sylt Emerging Artist Residency Award (TASA). The price is comprised of a fully funded two-month residency in Germany and a subsequent exhibition in Cape Town after her return. For this purpose, the Künstlerhäuser Worpswede have partnered with the Sylt Foundation. Sarah spent one month on the island of Sylt and and then one month with us in studio 4.

Funded by the Sylt-Foundation