During their residency, the artists were engaged in pedagogical and research programs related to two MFA thematic projects organized by Krauß and Rehberg, described below, and their stay will culminate in a self-directed collective endeavor, offered to their surroundings, on May 1, 2015:

a thematic project led by Bernd Krauß
RADIO Sonne!/Sender Sumpf emerges from the experiences and outcomes of RADIO Sonne!, an educational journey taken by PZI MFA artists in fall 2014. The artist veterans of that previous trip into the heartland of the Fränkische Schweiz will devise a range of activities for their peers so as to collectively familiarize themselves with the landscape of the Teuflesmoor. Employing methods and strategies of territorial research, this self-directed travelling society will rove through the surroundings, encounter the contemporary (and perhaps even run into George Clooney), as they transform this learning and broadcasting session from RADIO Sonne! into Sender Sumpf.

History decays into images, not into stories
a thematic seminar led by Vivian Sky Rehberg
The temporal dynamics of modernity and the majority of its accompanying social and cultural forms were steadfastly geared toward the future and maintained a complex and problematical relationship to tradition in their quest for the “new”. With the passing of mass utopias, the temporal dynamics of our contemporaneity share no such vision of the future. On the contrary, engagement with the past is a significant feature of contemporary cultural forms, including those circulating in the art world. Artists and curators alike recycle archival documents or documentary footage, revisit historic or commemorative sites, revive past (frequently modernist or conceptual) art practices and exhibitions, and record or re-enact past events. For the Worpswede seminar sessions, titled On Historicism, or ‘the tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare of the brains of the living,’ the artists will conduct art historical research into the Worpswede Artists Colony, and field work into the region of the Teuflesmoor, as a case study for thinking through questions of historicism, historical (self-) representation and the persistence artistic traditions. Our common question is what value does (and can) the past hold for the present?

A bit more than a week of art as social practice
and practicing the art
of art as social practice and practicing the art of the social,
looking, listening,
thinking, recording,
stepping out of our studio/us
and discursive comfort zones,
– 2015 Maimarkt Worpswede –
conceiving and making work for a specific and unfamiliar context,
considering whether or how artistic traditions are relevant to contemporary art,
and encountering and engaging with new audiences.