Felipe Cortés


The colombian visual artist Felipe Cortés (*1978, Bogotá), resident of the region Lower Saxony for 2013 was a guest in studio 4 vor den Pferdeweiden Worpswede for two and a half months. In the beginning of his art-education in Bogotá Felipe was busy with drawings before his work tuned more into installations. In Worpswede he combined them again and experimented with bringing drawings into an spatial installation including new formal and material approaches. The result transformed the site-specific atmosphere over his stay with daily walks in the Teufelsmoor, the listening of different kinds of music -from the uncertain and decadent moods of Negra Branca to murky and sad ballads- and the reading of the first stories by J.G. Ballard. His spanish galerie Espacio Minimo is writing: "Questioning pre established ideas about the ways in which knowledge materializes, and the role played by perception in the cognitive process, Felipe Cortés presents an intervention in which sediments of information generate new interpretative contexts. Like a constellation, a processual and nomad logic is set in opposition to a straight reading of the text."